A word from our Worshipful Master Brian Eckenrode

Master’s Report 2019-05


  • IF YOU MISSED OUR LAST MEETING THEN: You did not get to see our Senior Warden, Jason Fletcher in the EAST. Another amazing dinner was provided by our Steward’s of Stuffed Shells and all the trimmings.  Thank you to all who helped with meal preparation and clean up.
  • Our Next Scheduled Meeting will be this Wednesday, April, 3, 2019. We will be having a very short Business Meeting followed by our First Lodge Program of the year. After the meeting we will retire downstairs for ‘refreshment’ where Brother Steve Raymond will provide a program on the History of St. James Lodge No. 23 and Somerset Lodge No. 34. Many Brothers have expressed interest in the History of our founding Lodges. This will be a great opportunity to learn of our combined Lodge History. You don’t want to miss this event.
  • THE NEXT BLITZ OF THE YEAR WILL BE ANNOUNCED: Our First Blitz of the year was at Brainard Lodge No. 102 on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, and we had a great time. What is a Blitz you ask? A Blitz is an announced visit to a Lodge by 5 or more Brothers who arrive just after the Lodge has opened. We knock at the door of the Lodge properly clad and request to gain admission. As unexpected guests, we bring desert to share with the Brothers for some post meeting fellowship. We had a great time at Brainard 102. If you want to be included as part of the next “Blitz Team”, please send me an e-mail and you will be added to the “Blitz Team Distribution List”. But remember, once the date, time and Lodge has been identified the information MUST be kept ‘confidential’ in order to provide proper ‘surprise’.
  • LODGE OFFICER DISTRICT VISIT: Officer’s, remember that we have all been challenged to visit each Lodge in the 8th District before the end of the year. Please update the spreadsheet to track your progress. Who will be the First Officer to complete this challenge?
  • THE STOLEN IDEA: An advantage of visiting the Lodges in our District and throughout are State is finding out what they are doing that is different and what are they doing that works. Many of the things we do at Somerset-St. James Lodge No. 34 is the result of the things that were observed to work well in other Lodges. For instance: (1) The Chronicle, (2) More Aggressive Use of Deacon and Stewards Rods, (3) Education Topics, (4) The Lodge Blitz, etc. When you visit a Lodge and discover something that you would like us to try, bring the idea home and we’ll make a go at it. Did you know that there is a Lodge in our District that is purchasing a HD Projection TV, Speakers, Internet Access etc. so that they can bring the Power of the Internet to their Lodge Education Programming?
  • OPEN HOUSE: Dinner before every Stated Communication. If you have a friend or know someone who is interested in joining our Lodge and our Fraternity, they are welcome to meet and visit with us over dinner. To ensure the comfort of our guests, please inform them of appropriate Lodge attire (jacket and tie), and ensure that they understand they will need to be excused prior to the start of our Stated Communication.
  • DUES: Dues Notices are out. Please remit your 2019 Dues to the Secretary by April 1, 2019. We will get a report from the Secretary on our receipt of dues so far this year. Remember, our Lodge Budget is based on the dues we receive from our members.


  • 8th DISTRICT END HUNGER MEAL PACKAGING PROGRAM: We are looking for 10 Volunteers to assist in this program. 100 Total Volunteers are needed. More information is listed below in the 8th District Events Section. A separate e-mail request has also been sent to our members. Masons, Non-Masons, Friends, Family are all invited to participate. Remember, ‘Many Hands make Lite Work’. Please help if you can. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help so far.
  • 8th District Breakfast is at the Groton Town House at 0900 on the first Thursday of each month. The next scheduled breakfast is Thursday, April 4, 2019.
  • 8th District Master’s and Secretary’s: If you would like me to include any of your activities in my Upcoming Events section, please e-mail me the information and I will be happy to include it.  If I have a date wrong, please let me know so that I can get it corrected.


Upcoming Events

04-16-2019 Coastal Lodge No. 57, Stonington. FC Degree. Dinner at 6:00 PM and                    Lodge Opens at 7:00 PM. NOTE THE EARLY START TIME.


06-21-2019 Wooster Lodge No. 10. St. John’s Day Celebration. The MUST ATTEND 8th District Event of the year! Details forthcoming




04-04-2019 8th District Breakfast. Groton Townhouse. 9:00 AM.


04-06-2019 8th District End Hunger Meal Package Assembly. Bayview Temple

Niantic. Please Help. Please Help! 100 Volunteers needed. Set-up

7-9 AM, Packaging 9 am-2 pm, Clean up 2-4 pm. Volunteers can

include Family members and Friends. Please Help!


04-29-2019 8th District Blue Lodge Council at Oxoboxo Lodge No. 116 in Montville. Dinner at 6:30 PM. Meeting at 7:30 PM



Chapter & Council (Royal Arch & Royal/Select Masters) meet the 2nd MONDAY of every month (two meetings back to back).


Commandery (Knights Templar) meet the 4th THURSDAY of every month, except NOV & DEC meet the 2nd THURSDAY due to Thanksgiving and Christmas.




04-08-2019 Grand Lodge Session. Red Lion Hotel, Cromwell Ct.




05-04-2019 20th & 32nd Degree. Reception at 9:00 AM. Portrayal at 10:00 AM.

Dinner to follow.